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December 26, 2016
Al Draws Alessia Landi fashion digital illustration glasses spectacles style
Just a random post to announce to the WWW my overwhelming excitement for Santa’s gift: a graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos Art, to be precise).
I have been coveting it for like 7 years (don’t ask me why I never bought one, it’s like that scanner thing, sometimes my brain goes short-circuit) but I very soon discovered it’s much less easy to use than I thought.
I suddenly felt again like a 10 year-old kid trying to use Microsoft Paint with a mouse in Windows 3.
So in full all-or-nothing Al style I stayed up until 2:30 AM last night to finish this drawing (note: I started it at like 10 PM).
But hey, I made it!
OK it’s not perfect and honestly it looks like a lot of other fashion illustrations you can find around Pinterest and Instagram but I’m kinda happy of the result of my first attempt.
So I’ll be exercising a bit more from now on and will show here the results, which hopefully will show a little improvement with time.
Oh by the way, I drew glasses because I just got struck by one of my monomanias!
I bought new spectacles (they don’t look like the ones in this drawing though) and I’m so addicted to them that I draw them, dream of them, stare at them and EVEN wear them (seriously, have been wearing contacts non-stop for like 10 years, I used to wear my old and ruined glasses only to get up in the morning and go to bed in the evening).
And the monomania is even bigger because because my lovely boyfriend was forced to buy me bought me the sunglasses from the same brand for Christmas.
Totally have to draw these two in one of my next post.
OK, I’m off to draw a little bit (with my hands, on paper).
I’m at my parents in Italy and drawing in the kitchen while my mom makes lunch, foggy cold weather outside and Christmas lights on is the BEST.THING.EVER.
Hope you’re having wonderful holidays!
xxx Al
(It’s good to be back in Winter! I missed it!)


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