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A scent

January 9, 2017
Al Draws chanel perfume fashion watercolor illustration beauty Alessia Landi

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me if he could buy me a new perfume for Christmas. “Why?” I replied “I have so many of them already”. Note: I was already freaking out “OMG he doesn’t like my smell does it mean he hated smelling my skin for 3 years and a half – TRAGEDY” He said “Well, you change them constantly and I have the feeling none of them is really you. I was thinking about it when…

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Fashion illustration Stories

In my skin

January 5, 2017
Al Draws fashion digital illustration in my skin confidence motivation Alessia Landi illustration

I have been on a diet most of my life. When I was a kid, because I was a bit chubby and my mom was trying to keep me healthy by keeping all sorts of snacks (the more unhealthy the more I loved them. Of course) out of the house to avoid I would reach for the Nutella jar while doing my homeworks. When I was a teenager, because I was desperately trying to look like all my skinny, pimple-free…

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Fashion illustration Stories

Digital experiments

December 26, 2016
Al Draws Alessia Landi fashion digital illustration glasses spectacles style

Just a random post to announce to the WWW my overwhelming excitement for Santa’s gift: a graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos Art, to be precise). I have been coveting it for like 7 years (don’t ask me why I never bought one, it’s like that scanner thing, sometimes my brain goes short-circuit) but I very soon discovered it’s much less easy to use than I thought. I suddenly felt again like a 10 year-old kid trying to use Microsoft Paint with…

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