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Welcome to my blog!
My name is Alessia (but you can call me Al) and I opened this blog as an outlet of my thoughts and to share my love for fashion, the things that catch my attention, my obsession for skincare and makeup and the events that deeply touch me and make me feel the need to talk about it… But basically, I opened this blog to share my illustrations.

I was born drawing. When I was 4 years old I was producing my first weird versions of fashion illustration and I basically spent my childhood and early adolescence drawing (I think my parents were a bit worried at a certain point because for a while it was everything I wanted to do. All day, every day.
But somehow my path changed along the way and I ended up being a Molecular Biologist, a passion that brought me from my native Italy to Belgium first and just recently to Singapore.

I still love fashion illustration though and my brain is a bit split between Science and Art.

I am a wannabe fashionista. I still very much love printed fashion magazines and I buy at least two every month. I am a beauty junkie (I own too much make-up and skin care products… and I keep buying). I am obsessed with cats (and my two lovely Russian Blue kitties are my babies). I love traveling and I’m always on the go but I’m scared of flying. I am a foodie, but I believe in calories counting.
I am a feminist.
I am in love.

This is where this journey started… Discover the rest with me 🙂

Want to say hi? Write to: alessia.landi@gmail.com
Or find me on Facebook  & Instagram: @aldraws_

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