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December 25, 2017
Christmas Fashion Illustration drawing Alessia Landi Santa red holidays greetings watercolour

Christmas is my favourite time of the year (the lights! The tree! The traditions! The food!) and it is super important for me to spend it with my family.

Back in 2010, after a snow storm paralysed all airports in Europe and my flight home from Belgium was canceled, I took 5 trains to reach Florence. It took three days in cold stations, packed trains and endless queues trying to snatch the last ticket, but I made damn sure I would be home in time for Christmas. It is that important for me to be here in this time of the year.

Yet I never really, fully understood the importance of being with my family like I did this year. Only now that I live so damn far away from them and from my roots I really do understand how all of this is so necessary for me. It is so overwhelming that I simply can’t write about it.
So I will just let it sink in and enjoy every single moment of it.

I will make sure to remember this feeling very well in the coming months. I will make sure to let it shape my 2018 by reminding me what is really important in my life and what I should just let go. I will let it give me comfort when I feel lonely and strength when I feel like I just want to drop everything, take a plane back to Italy and never set foot in Singapore again…

There, it’s only Christmas and I already have my New Year’s resolution, how efficient is that!

To all of you, I wish a very happy Christmas with the people you love. And I wish for you to find peace, joy and clarity to lead your way wherever your 2018 will bring you.

Christmas Fashion Illustration drawing Alessia Landi card merry red greetings watercolour ink



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