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All the cool girls: Grimes

July 14, 2016
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]I like Grimes because she makes genius music. It’s complex, but it sounds simple (except her latest album, which is a bit different than the previous). I know it’s an idiot way to describe it but sorry, if I was able to describe it better I would be writing this post for Pitchfork, not for my miniblog.
It’s that kind of music that only who really understands music and is able to place it into a broader context will appreciate and won’t dismiss as “just some pop commercial stuff”.

I like Grimes because she does everything herself, her music is 100% her brainchild (she also explains it in the video I’m posting below): she’s writer, musician, producer, artist (the illustrations on her album covers are made by her), performer, stylist, marketing expert.

I like Grimes because her style is insane: it is interpreting a character (or actually, characters) and at the same time totally reflecting the craziness in her head. And as complicated as it is, still manages to be completely honest.

I like Grimes because she has an amazing way of interpreting fashion, which is the coolest side of it: play, mix, have fun, make it personal.

I like Grimes simply because she’s cool. Inspiring. Evocative.
That’s why I tried to make her portrait. Once again, reality is much better but hey, I’ve tried.

xx Al

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