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Random fashion illustration #2: Aquazzura shoes

December 8, 2015

I love Aquazzura. There is something in their shoes that is just perfectly balanced. I think I’ve never seen a shoe designer able to infuse this perfect mix of femininity, modernity, elegance and sexiness in every single design of pumps and flats.I don’t know if it’s the shape of the shoe itself, or the way the lace-up detail adds a special touch but I find myself drooling on almost every single model.I will probably never be able to afford a…

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Fashion illustration

The random fashion illustration #1

December 3, 2015
aldraws fashion digital illustration zara girl hair

I have been desperately looking for some time to write a blog post in the last days after my holidays, but time is incredibly short lately. The adorable Belgian highway network is so crammed these days that my usual commute takes 4 hours a day (FOUR.HOURS.SERIOUSLY) instead of 2. Moreover, the managers of the project I’m working on had the brilliant idea of making me a team leader, so now the job is even busier than usual (goodbye lunch break…

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The right to be shocked

November 16, 2015
aldraws fashion digital illustration paris girl

I thought I wouldn’t say a word about what happened in Paris on Friday. Honestly, I didn’t think there was much to say. Just silence and respect. And I couldn’t talk about it. I didn’t have an opinion about it. I was just feeling sad, and sick. I spent my Sunday trying to process it all on my couch, with my cat on my lap and a heavy feeling of inertia. Shell shocked, I thought that there was nothing meaningful…

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All the cool girls: Léa Seydoux

November 3, 2015
aldraws fashion digital illustration lea seydoux

Léa Seydoux portrait   I’ve always been crap at making portraits. Really. In theory, you could really make a portrait with astonishing similarities in 2 or 3 lines or brush strokes. Ever seen the work of David Downton? He’s the master of portraits. It’s all a matter of catching the right particular that makes that face unique. And nope, I can’t. I start correcting and correcting the sketch so many times in order to make it better and I end…

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