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The Lipstick Quest

January 31, 2017
watercolor ink lipstick fashion illustration beauty make up Alessia Landi Al Draws

I have recently entered a new beauty monomania phase: lipstick. It became an obsession because a good lipstick can actually make you look very cool with a tiny effort, but I just can’t find the “right colour”. It pisses me off like crazy. Somehow I never feel 100% comfortable when I wear lipstick. Either I feel too slutty, or too flashy, or one day my mouth is too big, one day my lips are too thin… What would I like?…

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Beauty Fashion illustration Stories

A scent

January 9, 2017
Al Draws chanel perfume fashion watercolor illustration beauty Alessia Landi

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me if he could buy me a new perfume for Christmas. “Why?” I replied “I have so many of them already”. Note: I was already freaking out “OMG he doesn’t like my smell does it mean he hated smelling my skin for 3 years and a half – TRAGEDY” He said “Well, you change them constantly and I have the feeling none of them is really you. I was thinking about it when…

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Beauty Fashion illustration

Beauty miracle: “Death Valley” dry shampoo by R+Co

December 9, 2015
aldraws fashion digital illustration r+co hair

I already knew that the States are the promised land for what concerns beauty: you can find any brand, any cool innovative product and any kind of new beauty concept store over there. I went there in Summer for work and while most of my two weeks on American soil were spent in the not-so-glamourous New Jersey suburbs, I had the chance to pay a brief visit to New York city, one of my uber-favourites cities in the world (but…

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