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Random fashion illustration #4: Aquazzura shoes (reprise)

August 12, 2016
aldraws Al Draws Alessia Landi fashion illustration watercolor pineapple heels shoes sandals aquazzura pina colada

Because I can never stop drawing Aquazzura shoes, they’re simply perfect in shape and design. Because I’m still dreaming that one day I’ll be able to afford one pair *hope springs eternal* Because I was in a yellow period (in my illustration I often have color obsessions for a while… Like, this was from my yellow and blue period from a couple of weeks ago. Now I noticed I’m turning back to red a bit. That’s so Picasso of me).…

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Singapore bound!

August 11, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration singapore yoyokulala yoyo cao

Drawing inspiration: Singapore beauty and fashion influencer Yoyo Cao, a dress by the Singapore designer Ong Shunmugam and, of course, the Singapore lion Yep, that is what the title of this post is saying: I’m moving to Singapore.(it’s so cool when I write it like this black on white because seriously, I still have problems believing it…) It all happened pretty fast.I went from “Oh, yeah, my boyfriend and I sometimes talk about moving outside of Europe for a while,…

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All the cool girls: Grimes

July 14, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration grimes music

]I like Grimes because she makes genius music. It’s complex, but it sounds simple (except her latest album, which is a bit different than the previous). I know it’s an idiot way to describe it but sorry, if I was able to describe it better I would be writing this post for Pitchfork, not for my miniblog. It’s that kind of music that only who really understands music and is able to place it into a broader context will appreciate…

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July 7, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration dior couture

Black & White: Dior Couture Fall 2017 When I opened this blog months ago, I promised myself to keep it up and running consistently: I know I need my creativity in order to feel complete and keeping a blog is the only way to manage to express my artistic self with a little bit of regularity. This is all because my brain is split exactly in two halves: the scientist, rational and methodological and the artist, chaotic and imaginative. These…

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Lesson learned (or “of Google and break-ups”)

January 6, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration girl suit breakup confidence

There is a lesson I learned the hard way, after my (in)famous break-up. And, after a conversation with my sister about this topic, I promised myself as a New Year resolution: never forget this lesson. But to tell you what this lesson is I’ll have to start from the beginning. So what is the main thing you do in the months days after a break-up? I’ll tell you: Google. It initially happens because you realize that your friends and family…

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