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Lesson learned (or “of Google and break-ups”)

January 6, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration girl suit breakup confidence

There is a lesson I learned the hard way, after my (in)famous break-up. And, after a conversation with my sister about this topic, I promised myself as a New Year resolution: never forget this lesson. But to tell you what this lesson is I’ll have to start from the beginning. So what is the main thing you do in the months days after a break-up? I’ll tell you: Google. It initially happens because you realize that your friends and family…

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Miss insecurity

November 6, 2015
aldraws fashion digital illustration girl lingerie lace

Lately I feel so ugly that every time someone is coming in my office to ask me a question I feel the urge to hide under my desk. My head lives in a constant bad-hair-day, I have horrible circles under my eyes and it looks like every pore on my face has decided to explode in a horrible pimple. And of course I’ve got nothing to wear. But my boyfriend still tells me that I’m beautiful, my friends still make…

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