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Random fashion illustration #4: Aquazzura shoes (reprise)

August 12, 2016
aldraws Al Draws Alessia Landi fashion illustration watercolor pineapple heels shoes sandals aquazzura pina colada

Because I can never stop drawing Aquazzura shoes, they’re simply perfect in shape and design. Because I’m still dreaming that one day I’ll be able to afford one pair *hope springs eternal* Because I was in a yellow period (in my illustration I often have color obsessions for a while… Like, this was from my yellow and blue period from a couple of weeks ago. Now I noticed I’m turning back to red a bit. That’s so Picasso of me).…

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Singapore bound!

August 11, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration singapore yoyokulala yoyo cao

Drawing inspiration: Singapore beauty and fashion influencer Yoyo Cao, a dress by the Singapore designer Ong Shunmugam and, of course, the Singapore lion Yep, that is what the title of this post is saying: I’m moving to Singapore.(it’s so cool when I write it like this black on white because seriously, I still have problems believing it…) It all happened pretty fast.I went from “Oh, yeah, my boyfriend and I sometimes talk about moving outside of Europe for a while,…

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All the cool girls: Grimes

July 14, 2016
aldraws fashion digital illustration grimes music

]I like Grimes because she makes genius music. It’s complex, but it sounds simple (except her latest album, which is a bit different than the previous). I know it’s an idiot way to describe it but sorry, if I was able to describe it better I would be writing this post for Pitchfork, not for my miniblog. It’s that kind of music that only who really understands music and is able to place it into a broader context will appreciate…

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